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Pergamon Parchment Paper Sheet  is an uncoated non-acid paper made with E.C.F. pulp. With a cloud effect finish, it is imitating ancient natural parchment achieved with a specific manufacturing process.
Ideal for drawing, calligraphy and decoration.

Properties: 160 gsm. Size 50 x 70 cm. Made in Italy

Parchment craft, also known as Pergamano, is the art of embellishing and decorating parchment paper (or vellum paper).

The  techniques used are embossing, perforating, stippling, cutting and coloring.

There are many methods for coloring parchment craft work. Color is applied in the dorsing process using oil pastels or Dorso crayons which are rubbed on and then blended using paper toweling and odorless mineral spirits or an oil based medium such as linseed or lavender oil.

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Pergamon Parchment Paper Sheet 50x70 cm 110 gsm Ivory
Pergamon Parchment Paper Sheet 50×70 cm 110 gsm Ivory
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