Oil paints of the highest quality for professional painting are made of high-quality pigments and binders based on specially treated linseed oil with the addition of natural resins – damara and mastic, which have a positive effect on the appearance of colors. Only one pigment is added to most colors, allowing extremely intense and pure shades with high light fastness and excellent miscibility. The color palette consists mainly of traditional artistic colors based on natural earth, cadmium, cobalt and iron oxide pigments characterized by a balance between primary and glazing shades.

The set includes 120 ml linseed oil and Nevskaya Palitra # 2 (flat) and # 3 (round) brushes of 1 each, 12 tubes of 18 ml: 100 zinc white or 101 titanium white, 200 cadmium yellow light or 201 cadmium yellow medium, 209 Neapolitan yellow or 206 strontium yellow, 302 cadmium red light or 303 cadmium red dark, 300 English Red or 301 Indian Red, 501 light ultramarine, 500 phthalocyanine blue, 705 dark green cobalt or 706 light green cobalt, 205 ocher golden or 405 Siena natural, 408 umbra baked or 406 Siena baked, 402 brown Markova light or 403 brown Markova dark, 801 lamp black or 800 mars black.

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