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  • Set SUGARHOLIC with 12 markers: 12 x Sketch Marker Graphix (Primary yellow 919, Brilliant orange 925, Cadmium red middle 937, Permanent pink 906, Brilliant violet 950, Cerulean blue 952, Ultramarine blue 958, Light green 960, Phthalo green deep 976, Burnt umber 948, Cool grey 991, Carbon black 974)
  • Vibrant colours thanks to high-quality, low-odour, fast-drying, alcohol-based ink (free from toluene/xylene)
  • Intensify the colour depth by adding multiple layers of paint (ideal for shading and colour gradients)
  • Japanese tips (1-7 mm chisel tip and fine 1 mm brush)
  • Optimum results on special marker paper
  • Ideal for illustrations, sketches, final artwork and much more
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Dimensions 0,5 cm


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Marabu Sketch Marker Graphix SUGARHOLIC 12 pcs
Marabu Sketch Marker Graphix SUGARHOLIC 12 pc
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