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Marabu Relief Paste – Clear contours, great effects.

Dishwasher-safe without firing. Just paint, leave to dry, done! Wide range of colours for effective decorations. Easy applications from the tube. Versatile use: On glass and porcelain, for outline painting or stencilling. Water-based, odourless and non-fading. Dishwasher-safe after 3 days‘ drying time (max. 50 °C).

Product highlights:

  • Water-based, odourless and light-fast
  • Dishwasher-safe without firing
  • Just paint, leave to dry, done!
  • Wide range of colours for effective decorations
  • Versatile use: on glass and porcelain, for outlines or stencilling
  • Easy application directly from the tube


It’s so easy:

  • Clean the glass or porcelain with washing-up liquid or Marabu Cleaner to ensure it is free from dust and grease. Before painting, rinse off all detergent residue.
  • Paint the surface as desired (see techniques with Relief Paste).
  • The paint is dry to the touch after 30 minutes and dishwasher-safe after 3 days. We recommend washing the painted glasses at max. 50 °C on a glasses/cups cycle.


Contours painting glass

Stained Glass is easy! Fix a template behind the glass and pull the contours according to the Marabu Relief Paste. Once the contours are dried, you can color the image with Marabu and a glass of fine synthetic hair brush.

Scratching technique

Use a cotton bud to scratch patterns and motifs into the wet paint where it has been dabbed on.

Stamping on porcelain and glass

Marabu offers a wide range of mini-stamps that are ideal for glass and porcelain painting. Every mini-stamp pack includes detailed instructions.

Outline technique using Relief Paste

Draw fine outlines directly from the tube onto glass and porcelain using Marabu Relief Paste. You can then pain in the motif using Marabu Glas, GlasArt or Porcelain.

Creative effects

Marabu Relief Paste offers you virtually unlimited design freedom. You can also apply the paste with a spatula, model it or work in patterns. You can also add glitter, glass beads or anything else to the paste while it is still wet. Have great fun experimenting!

Fine decorations from the tube

Create fine decorations, lettering, shapes, dots or lines in 14 amazing colours to create unique effects on glass and porcelain.

Templates for glass and porcelain

You can also easily achieve complex motifs with these self-adhesive templates from Marabu. Stick the templates to glass or porcelain, press Marabu Relief Paste from the tube and spread across the entire template using a painting knife. Remove the template – and you’re done!

Weight 0,04 kg
Color by Marabu

Black 073, White 070, Glitter silver 582, Glitter gold 584, Metallic copper 787, Metallic silver 782, Metallic gold 784, Crystal clear 101


20 ml


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