For impressive photos

Capture memories, snapshots and happy moments. With the photo transfer medium, you can transfer motifs on to different backgrounds and create individual home accessories or unique photo gifts.

Contents: 1 x Photo Transfer transfer medium 50 ml, 1 x Aqua-Mattlack matt varnish 50 ml, 1 x brush Marabu Decoration & Hobby size 16 (brush handles made of FSC®-certified wood), 1 x squeegee (10 x 7,5 cm), 1 x brochure

Product highlights:

  • Water-based
  • Water-resistant
  • saliva-resistant
  • transparent medium for transferring paper printouts (laser Printer)
  • Suitable for wood, canvas frames, glass, ceramics, metal, papier mâché, candles, etc.


How it works on wood, canvas, frames, metal etc.

1. Apply
Create the photo using a laser printer. Paint the clean and dry background as well as the surface of the printout fully. Do not leave out any areas.

2. Stick
Place the printout with the printed image on the background and smooth down with a scraper or finger. Remove any excess medium straight away. Do not spread the medium over the paper applied. Leave to dry for 2 hours or dry with a hair dryer for 8 minutes.

3. Rub
Wet the paper printout with water and soak it well. Carefully rub the paper with a finger or sponge. Repeat the procedure until all paper layers have been removed.

4. Protect
Paint over with Aqua matt varnish to remove paper fibre residues and protect the picture.

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