Marabu Painting Knives, unvarnished wooden handle, with an elastic blade between 3.5 and 9.5 cm.

Professional quality with elastic blade and natural wood handle. Ideal for working with pasty paints such as Marabu Relief of pastes and gels. Easy to clean with water.

Product highlights:

  • professional quality
  • elastic blade
  • natural wood handle
  • ideal for working with pasty colours, structure Pastes, gels

Basic Acryl spatula technique

Mixing BasicAcryl with Marabu Structure Gel clear will give a strongly defined structure to the paint applied. By the way: Thickened paint is also ideal to apply with a spatula.Engraving Technique

Pastes and gels of Marabu Acrylic Accessories can be perfectly engraved using a spatula, skewer or cocktail stick etc.Structural Spatula Techniques

These special techniques are achieved through using different tools on the damp gels and pastes of the Acrylic Accessories.

Patterns of shells and blossoms can be produced with a rotating painting spatula which is held in a slightly sloping position. Wave forms, lattice structures etc. are obtained with a comb or fork. Finely structured surfaces are achieved through working on the media with a bristle brush, stencilling brush or toothbrush.

Flocati Technique: the painting spatula is lightly pressed into the damp media and is drawn upwards with a swift jerk thereby developing the fringe-like flocati effect – also called imitation technique. Continue by repositioning the spatula alongside until the desired effect appears.Stencilling Technique with Acrylic Accessories

You will need stencils along with Marabu Structure Gel, Light Structure Paste or Modelling Paste for this technique.

The stencil is placed on an object and filled with the gel or paste using a spatula. Smooth out the paste or gel and peel the stencil off. Finished!Creative effects

Marabu Relief Paste offers you virtually unlimited design freedom. You can also apply the paste with a spatula, model it or work in patterns. You can also add glitter, glass beads or anything else to the paste while it is still wet. Have great fun experimenting!Templates for glass and porcelain

You can also easily achieve complex motifs with these self-adhesive templates from Marabu. Stick the templates to glass or porcelain, press Marabu Relief Paste from the tube and spread across the entire template using a painting knife. Remove the template – and you’re done!

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3,5 cm, 6,5 cm, 7,5 cm, 9,5 cm


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