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Marabu Metallic Lining Paint is an incredibly versatile paint with versatile effects. If you are dreaming of a swanky metallic look, we recommend trying Marabu-Metallic Liner. Do you wish your world had more sparkle? Then Marabu-Glitter Liner is ideal.

For velvety puff-up effects use Marabu-3D Liner. Water based for nursery school, school, hobby and leisure time. Easy to use, as you paint straight from the liner. Ideal for almost any surface, from paper, wood, metal, glass, leather, plastic, fabrics (wash-resistant up to 40°C after fixing), etc.

Working Guidelines for Marabu Metallic Lining Paint:

Ensure that the surface is clean and dust-free. Drying time approx. 6 hours depending on color application. For fabrics (cotton and blended textiles up to a maximum of 20 % synthetic fibres), wash out finishing and softening agents. Gently push liner tip onto the fabric and squeeze.

After drying, iron each painted area for 3 min. on cotton setting with a thin cloth over the surface. Iron for 3 min. per 30 cm. Can also be fixed in a pre-heated oven (8 min. / 150°C). Test substrate for heat resistance first! Then wash-resistant up to 40°C. Wash and iron inside out.The multi-purpose special effect paint in liner container is suitable for many materials (paper, cardboard, wood, ceramic, glass, textiles with up to 20% man-made textiles).

Water-based, you can use it for decorations, lines and also for ornaments. Also, after iron fixing or oven fixing, textiles are washable up to 40°C.

Glitter-Liner: Multi-purpose effect paint in 18 colour shades for enchanting glitter effects.
Marabu Metallic Lining Paint: Multi-purpose effect paint in 18 colour shades for shimmering metallic effects.
3D-Liner: Multi-purpose effect paint in 18 colour shades for velvety puff or relief effects.

Weight 0,038 kg
Color by Marabu

Metallic petrol 792, Metallic gold 784, Metallic silver 782, Metallic copper 787, Metallic graphite 779, Metallic white 770, Metallic brown 746, Metallic taupe 747, Metallic olive 765, Metallic-Pink 733, Metallic dark green 768, Metallic light green 762, Metallic light blue 790, Metallic red 732, Metallic orange 713, Metallic yellow 719, Metallic-Violet 750, Metallic-Blue 752


25 ml


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