Marabu Fino, toray brush (synthetic), seamless silver ferrule, green wooden handle, shape: filbert.

High-quality brush made of special toray hair (synthetic) with different fibre thicknesses. In addition, capillary effect comparable to natural bristles. Wide range for artists and hobby painters for acrylic, oil and water colour painting and also painting on porcelain, silk, glass, etc.

Product highlights:

  • synthetic brush (toray hair)
  • seamlessly drawn silver ferrule
  • wooden handle
  • very high-quality brush
  • ideal for artists and hobby painters

Free painting on silk

Design your motifs “freehand”.

First of all choose a brush for your design. The stronger the brush hairs the more visible the brush strokes will remain after fixing. When you paint with Marabu Velvet Touch, we recommend a very soft brush so that the velvety effect is particularly successful. Thickened Marabu Silk can also be used.

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