Marabu Fabric Paint is an universal fabric painting and printing paint for all light-coloured fabrics. Washable up to 60 °C. Water-based. Particularly soft to the touch. Especially suitable for fabric painting and fabric printing. Fixing with an iron or in the oven.

Marabu Fabric Paint highlights:

  • multi-purpose fabric painting and printing colour for all light-coloured fabrics
  • water-based
  • washable up to 60 °C
  • particularly soft to the touch
  • ideal for fabric painting and fabric printing
  • iron fixing or oven fixing

Instructions for use

  1. Before painting, wash off primer and fabric softener.
  2. Paint Marabu-Textil on the dry fabric and leave to dry.
  3. Place a piece of thin fabric on top and iron each painted area (50 x 50 cm respectively) on the front for 3 minutes at cotton temperature (fixation in the oven: 8 min. at 150° C, except synthetics and mixed fabrics ).
  4.  Marabu-Textil is then perfectly resistant to washing up to 60° C, Textil Metallic and Textil Fluoresco up to 40° C.
  5. Immediately clean the brush and other utensils with water after use.
  6. Always wash and iron painted fabrics inside out or iron on the front with a small piece of fabric between the iron and the fabric.

Airbrushing with Marabu Fabric Paint

Using Marabu Fabric Paint the airbrush technique offers a variety of great design possibilities on various substrates: from paper, wood & craft materials to glass & porcelain to textiles & silk.

Beautiful patterns or sharp outlines can be realised using this technique; photographically accurate pictures can be enhanced with special effects such as metallic gloss or mirror reflexes.

The colour is mixed with the airflow in the spray pistol and is applied in extremely thin layers by constantly moving your hand. By varying the aperture of the nozzle, the distance to the painting substrate or by the use of stencils, there is no limit to your artistic scope.

General Advice:

Please follow the instructions for airbrush technique depending on paint type.

Further advice:

  • Stir well before use or, if necessary, strain the colours.
  • Choose the appropriate thinner for colour and substrate.
  • The colour should be sufficiently liquid that it can pass through a teastrainer.
  • The substrate should be dust and grease-free.
  • Use self-adhesive templates.
  • Ensure that the workplace is well ventilated and that spray mist is avoided.
  • When changing colours, use the appropriate cleaning agent for the spray pistol – in the case of water-based Marabu-colours the appropriate cleaning agent is simply water.
  • After use carefully clean all equipment with the appropriate cleaning materials.
  • Always carry out pre-trials.

Separate instructions for airbrush technique depending on paint type:

  • Airbrushing with Marabu Fabric Paint
  • Nozzle size: from 0.3 mm
  • Pressure: from 2 bar
  • Thinning: 4 parts colour to 1 part water
  • Cleaning: with water

The specifications shown for nozzle sizes, dilution and pressures are guidelines only and should be adjusted accordingly.

Sun Technique

The ‘sun technique’ using Marabu Fabric Paint or Marabu Silk is an excellent new way of decorating fabrics!

Firstly dilute Marabu Fabric Paint using water and apply it in large areas onto a thin fabric; use Marabu Silk undiluted. Put an opaque motif onto the paint when it is still wet (you could use motifs such as hearts, triangles, stars etc cut out from cardboard, rubber sponge or natural materials like leaves) and weigh down. Now expose the covered fabric to sunlight or to a powerful lamp (the quickest way to dry the fabric is using a powerful hairdryer).

Depending on the intensity of the light, the covered areas will dry a lighter colour than the rest – your masterpiece is finished! When the fabric is totally dry, as well as below the motifs, it can be fixed according to instructions.

Please note that the wash-quality of the colours can be affected when you use extreme levels of dilution.

Weight N/A

Black, Caribbean, Carmine red, Coral red, Dark blue, Dark brown, Dark green, Dark violet, Grey, Light green, Light pink, Lilac, Medium blue, Medium brown, Medium yellow, Orange, Raspberry, Reseda, White


50 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml


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