Marabu Contours and Effects water-based contour medium are ideal for painting outlines and effects on silk.  Also, the Contours & Effects colours become resistant to washing and dry cleaning after fixing. The clear contouring medium is washed out after fixing. For application directly from the liner tube, with brush, paint roller, stenciling brush or stamp. Also you can use it for stenciling and stamping.


Marabu Contours and Effects can be used as a contouring medium for subsequent painting with Marabu Silk, on the dried silk painted with Marabu Silk or on untreated silk fabrics.

If used as a contouring medium in combination with Marabu Silk:

Marabu Contours and Effects provides very good blocking on thin and medium silk fabrics. But on thick silk fabrics (from sponge 14, crepe satin 12.5, crepe de chine 16) we recommend applying the coloured contours as wide as possible. After, clear contours slightly wider or on both sides to prevent colour from transferring when filling in.

Finally, leave the contours to dry thoroughly and then paint with Marabu Silk. Do not use too much paint. After drying fix according to the instructions.
All coloured contouring mediums are resistant to washing and dry cleaning after fixing. Simply soak the clear contouring medium in water after fixing and wash out.

If used as special effect paint in combination with Marabu Silk:

Apply Marabu Silk as desired or completely coat the entire silk fabric. After drying, different techniques can be used to apply Marabu Contours and Effects. Then leave to dry thoroughly and fix together with Marabu Silk according to the instructions.


Fix Marabu Contours and Effects with an iron or in the oven after drying. You can also fix your design in one single step if you are using Marabu Silk in addition to Marabu Contours & Effects.

Set the iron to cotton temperature and iron from the reverse through a thin cotton cloth or a sheet of baking paper for 2-3 minutes (for each 30 x 30 cm section). Keep moving the iron throughout.

Also you can fix the silk in a pre-heated oven for 8 minutes at 150°C. We recommend placing the silk on a sheet of baking paper to avoid unwanted burnt patches. This type of fixing is not suitable for large silk fabrics.

After fixing Marabu Contours and Effects is resistant to washing and dry-cleaning. Simply clean brushes and other tools with water immediately after painting. Stir or shake lightly before use.

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Black, Colourless, Metallic gold, Metallic silver


25 ml, 50 ml


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