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Marabu Candle Liner contains a creamy soft wax paint for designing candles. Water-based, odourless and also non-fading. Various techniques for candle decorating possible.

Product highlights:

  • Water-based;
  • Odourless, light-fast;
  • Suitable for various painting techniques.


Freehand painting:
Paint or write directly with the Marabu Candle Liner on the candle. The liquid wax bonds to the candle during drying. Of course the Marabu Candle Liner can also be applied with a brush.

Window Color method:
Simply place the desired design underneath a piece of film and trace with the Candle Liner. Leave the outlines to dry briefly before colouring them in. After 4-5 hours drying time the design can be removed from the film and stuck to the candle using Candle Liner Glue.

Wax wrappers with stencils:
Select a stencil and place it on the clear film, fix with masking tape recommended) or with Marabu Fix it Fixing Spray. Spread Candle Liner across the design using a paint knife. Remove the stencil and leave the design to dry. After drying the design is completely covered with a second colour to create the coloured background. Leave to dry again and remove the painted sheet to reveal the reverse side. Now the home-made wax sheet can be cut to size and stuck to the candle using Candle Liner Glue. Note: The side adhering to the film will be the front when the design is finished.

Painting with paint tips

Simply screw the Marabu paint tips onto the Window Color bottle with a little pressure. They are available in the sizes 0.3-0.9 mm and allow delicate painting.

Weight 0,036 kg
Color by Marabu

Yellow 019, Glue 880, Glitter opal 590, Green 216, Purple 211, Rose Pink 133, Glitter ruby 538, Metallic gold 784, Metallic silver 782, Cherry red 031, Medium Blue 052, Glitter sapphire 594, Glitter gold 584, Glitter silver 582, Light Blue 090, White 070, Black 073, Medium brown 040


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