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The fine, high-quality water-based artists’ acrylic paints is ideal for all acrylic painting techniques.  Also, you can use it on canvas, cardboard, paper, wood and many other materials.

The bright colours can be mixed together and once dry, are waterproof and lightfast.

The highly pigmented, paste-like consistency of the Acryl paints creates a flexible paint layer when applied.

High pigment content, pasty consistency;
High light fastness, very good brilliance and coverage;
Elastic paint film;
Water-resistant after drying
Ideal on canvas, cardboard, paper, wood;

Weight 0,685 kg
Color by Marabu

Primary magenta 914, Primary yellow 919, Medium cadmium red 937, Burnt umber 948, Primary cyan 956, Carbon black 974, Phthalo green light 964, Titanium white 970


500 ml


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