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Marabu Aqua Linol Printing Colour is a thick, water-based paint for all raised printing techniques. Marabu Aqua Linol Printing Colour is ideal for school, leisure, graphic design, artisan and also  therapy use. Ideal for printing on different materials – especially rice paper, cardboard, fabric, felt, etc. In addition, you can use linoleum, wood, polystyrene, cork, plastic, natural materials, etc. as printing blocks.

Excellent drying time (15 – 30 min.). You can thinn the Marabu Aqua Linol Printing Colour with water; utensils are easy to clean with water.

  • water-based
  • good coverage
  • good light fastness
  • suitable for all raised printing techniques on paper, cardboard, fabric and felt

Marabu Aqua Linol Printing Colour can be used for all surface printing techniques: linoleum, wood, polystyrene, natural materials, etc. High light-fastness. Very good opacity.


Linocut is a raised printing technique, i.e. the cut out areas do not print.

The motif is copied with a pencil or a felt tip onto the lino plate or traced with the help of carbon paper. When doing this please note that the finished print will be reversed. This is, in fact, unimportant for many motifs, but it will have to be taken into consideration for numbers and letters.

First, cut even grooves round those areas you would like to remove. Next, cut from the grooves into the middle – by doing this you avoid cutting into the pattern by mistake. When working always cut away from you, except when using the contour knife – never put your free hand in front of the blade!

When you have finished cutting, wash the finished printing base thoroughly with warm, soapy water or alcohol-based spirit. Then allow to dry. Roll out the Aqua-Lino colour with a Lino roller onto a smooth area (eg. A glass plate) until a thin, even layer is achieved and transfer it on to the printing base with the help of the roller. Put a sheet of absorbent paper (special paper for linoprinting is available) on to the printing base and press down evenly with a second, clean lino roller. Remove the paper carefully and allow the design to dry.


The printing blocks and other tools for Aqua lino Printing Colour can simply be cleaned with water.

Colour combinations

Black is the classic lino printing ink. But other shades and coloured paper also produce attractive designs. Advanced users enjoy creating multi-coloured lino prints where a separate printing block is created for each colour.

Lino plates

If the lino plates are too hard to work with, briefly place them on a radiator or in the sun.

Why not try…

Aqua Lino Printing Colour for woodcut, cutting stamps from rubber with lino knives or fabric printing with lino rollers.


The Aqua Lino Printing Color is ready to use but it can be diluted with water if required. Tools can also easily be cleaned with water.

Weight 0,3 kg
Color by Marabu

Medium yellow 021, Medium brown 040, Black 073, White 070, Medium Blue 052, Prussian blue 993, Vermillion 006, Carmine red 032, Yellow green 066, Blue green


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