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Marabu Aqua Ink is an ultra-brilliant pigmented waterbased watercolour ink. It is naturally transparent with high lightfastness for watercolour techniques with brush or drawing pen.

Even when dried, it can be dissolved completely with water.

Shake vigorously before use.

Alcohol Ink is suitable for use on all non-absorbent backgrounds.

Product highlights:

  • Ultra-brilliant pigmented watercolour ink
  • Naturally transparent with high lightfastness
  • For watercolour techniques with brush or drawing pen
  • Even when dried, can be dissolved completely with water
  • Shake vigorously before use
Weight 0,049 kg
Color by Marabu

Orange 013, Lemon 020, Black 073, Reseda 061, Mint 153, Sun yellow 220, Dark brown 045, Ultramarine blue 055, Vermillion Red 936, Primary cyan 956, Permanent violet 951, Magenta 014, Petrol 092, Carmine red 032


15 ml


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