Painting made easy! With this universal, velvety matte water-based acrylic paint, your pictures will paint themselves as if by themselves! Acryl Color is wonderfully creamy, which makes it easy to paint, dries quickly and can therefore be quickly painted over again. All shades have good coverage, can be mixed with one another, are lightfast and are waterproof when dry. For application with a brush, paint roller, sponge on canvas, paper, wood, etc. Also suitable for stenciling and stamping.

Contents: 6 x 80 ml Acryl Color (Medium Yellow 021, Ruby Red 038, Dark Blue 053, Rich green 067, White 070, Black 073).

Product highlights:

  • Set contents: 6 x 80 ml Acryl Color (Medium Yellow 021, Ruby Red 038, Dark Blue 053, Rich green 067, White 070, Black 073)
  • High-quality, satin-finish acrylic paint
  • Creamy, easy to apply, good coverage, quick drying
  • Brilliant colours, light-fast, weather-resistant
  • Ideal for painting on canvas, artboard, wood, card etc., also suitable for creative design on traditional craft materials and for art class
  • For stencilling and stamping
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