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The Marabu 3D Liner Paint 25 ml is a multi-purpose special effect paint in liner container suitable for many materials (paper, cardboard, wood, ceramic, glass, textiles with up to 20% man-made textiles). It gives your artwork relief and contour.

Water-based you can use it for decorations, lines and also for ornaments. Also, after iron fixing or oven fixing, textiles are washable up to 40°C.

Create 3D liner art with:

Glitter-Liner: Multi-purpose effect paint in 18 colour shades for enchanting glitter effects.
Metallic-Liner: Multi-purpose effect paint in 18 colour shades for shimmering metallic effects.
3D-Liner: Multi-purpose effect paint in 18 colour shades for velvety puff or relief effects.


  • Water-based;
  • Multi-purpose special effect colours;
  • Suitable for paper, cardboard, wood, glass, ceramics, textiles (max. 20% man-made fibres);
  • Ideal for embellishments, lines and ornaments.
Weight 0,038 kg
Color by Marabu

3D Pastel blue 691, 3D Glow-in-the-dark yellow 672, 3D Black 673, 3D White 670, 3D Grey 678, 3D Medium brown 646, 3D Rich green 667, 3D Light green 662, 3D Medium blue 652, 3D Pastel yellow 622, 3D Pastel lilac 635, 3D Rose pink 633, 3D Pastel pink 627, 3D Ruby red 638, 3D Cherry red 631, 3D Orange 613, 3D Medium yellow 621, 3D Lemon 620


25 ml


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