Ladoga artistic oil paints are perfect for those who is only beginning to learn the art of painting, as well as for artists looking for high quality paints at affordable prices. Besides, the Ladoga paints series uses lightfast organic pigments. The tone of analogous pigments (marked “A” on the label) corresponds precisely to the tones of original colours. Manufacturing technologies and monitoring at all stages is similar to those for the manufacture of Master Class series. This ensures the high quality of Ladoga series artistic paints.

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Burnt sienna, Burnt umber, Cadmium orange (hue), Cadmium purple (hue), Carmine (hue), Cerulean blue (hue), Chromium oxide, Chromium-cobalt bluish green (hue), Cobalt spectral blue (hue), Deep cadmium red (hue), Deep cadmium yellow (hue), Deep caput mortum, Deep cobalt green (hue), Deep cobalt violet (hue), Deep Mars brown, Emerald green, English red, Glauconite, Gold ochre, India red, Indigo, Lamp black, Lemon cadmium yellow (hue), Light cadmium red (hue), Light cadmium yellow (hue), Light cobalt blue (hue), Light cobalt green (hue), Light cobalt violet (hue), Light Mars brown, Light Naples yellow, Light ochre, Light ultramarine, Medium cadmium yellow (hue), Medium cobalt blue (hue), Naples orange yellow, Naples rose, Phthalocyanine blue, Phthalocyanine green, Prussian blue, Raw sienna, Raw umber, Red ochre, Sap green, Shungite, Strontium yellow, Turquoise blue, Viridian green, Yellow ochre, Zinc white


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