Ladoga Acrylic Paints are perfect for those who is only beginning to learn the art of painting, as well as for artists looking for high quality paints at affordable prices. Instead of expensive inorganic pigments (cadmium and cobalt), the Ladoga paints series uses lightfast organic pigments. The tone of analogous pigments (marked “A” on the label) corresponds precisely to the tones of original colours. Manufacturing technologies and monitoring at all stages is similar to those for the manufacture of Master Class series. This ensures the high quality of Ladoga paints.

Ladoga Acrylic Paints were developed in accordance with the modern approach to art of painting and its tools. Acrylic paints consist of pigments and acrylic dispersion. «Ladoga» acrylic paints perfectly harmonise with modern lifestyle. They enable artists to express their creative mind, their ideas in painting, decoration and design. Ladoga Acrylic Paints are very easy to work with, they are perfectly adhesive. Acrylic paints is the universal material. It can be applied on almost any surface: paper, cardboard, primed canvas, wood, leather, concrete. Acrylic paints can be used in different techniques. They are traditional easel painting, which is similar to oil and tempera techniques; monumental painting, especially church painting. It is also possible to use acrylic paints in the watercolour technique (the acrylic paints should be diluted with water).

High-quality acrylic paints at an affordable price with a metallic effect. With the help of these colours you can make your work more vivid. Suitable for any non-greasy surfaces: wood, paper, cardboard, metal, glass, plastic, leather. When dried, they form a saturated, dense and bright layer.

Weight 0,090 kg

Antique gold, Aztec gold, Blue, Bronze, Burnt sienna, Burnt umber, Carmine, Celestial blue, Cerulean blue (hue), Chromium oxide, Cobalt blue (hue), Deep red, Deep rose, Deep silver, Deep violet, Deep yellow, Emerald green, English red, Gold leaf, Gold ochre, Grey, Heraldy gold, Inca Gold, Lamp black, Lemon, Light green, Light ochre, Light rose, Light silver, Light violet, Light yellow, Madder lake red, Maya gold, Medium green, Medium yellow, Naples yellow, Olympic gold, Orange, Phthalocyanine blue, Phthalocyanine green, Raw sienna, Raw umber, Red, Royal gold, Silver, Titanium white, Turquoise blue, Ultramarine, Vermillion (hue), Zinc white


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