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Colourful sketching and precise painting

The KREUL Triton Acrylic Marker from KREUL is the perfect addition to artist brushes and spatulas and also the ideal painting tool for precise painting. The excellent paint flow with brilliant paint application allows even as long as long lines. The applied colors can be easily painted with the brush when wet and are therefore suitable for various techniques. Besides, with their dimensionally stable tips for excellent edge sharpness, the brilliant, luminous shades and excellent flowability, the KREUL Triton Acrylic Markers belong to the indispensable repertoire of contemporary acrylic painting up to street art and graffiti applications. Also, KREUL Triton Acrylic and KREUL Triton Acrylic Marker are coloristically coordinated and can therefore be perfectly combined with each other.

Product highlights:

  • Acrylic paint on water base
  • Dries matt
  • High color intensity and brilliant luminosity
  • Contains light-proof pigments
  • Good opacity values
  • Fluorescent color shades glow under black light
  • Weather-proof on absorptive surfaces9 Pens with stroke width 1-4 mm each (White, Citron, Genuine Orange, Violet Red, Light Blue, Foliage Green, Dark Oxide Brown, Black, Gold), 4 Pens with stroke width 15 mm each (Black, Carmine Red, Cobalt Blue, White)
  • Also, suitable for a multitude of paintable surfaces such as e.g. canvas, carton, paper, stone, metal
Weight 0,4 kg
Dimensions 0,4 cm


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