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KREUL Javana Silk Painting are unalterable to the light and ecological.

A vast choice of colours, mediums and sizes – catering for the keen silk painter and the silk painting workshop are available. Colours are set on fabric by ironing.

Javana silk paints are best used on finely woven natural fabrics such as cotton and silk.  They are very fluid and the flow can be controlled better by first treating the fabric with an anti-spread primer.  There are a choice of outliner resists which can be used to outline elements of a design.  The outliner penetrates the fabric to create a ‘container’ for the paint, much like colouring between the lines in a colouring book.

Method of use:

Before applying KREUL Javana Silk Painting, you must follow the drawing with contour colours with the “Gutta” colourless profiler and subsequently let it dry. The function of the contours is to prevent the colours from fusing between each other. on silk. After drying, it is necessary to fix the colours, ironing on the back or between two panes. Once the colours are fixed, the gutta is washed and the colour of the contours remains as a compositional element.


  • Fluid painting for silk.
  • Fixed by heat with the iron.
  • High brightness.
  • Mixable colours
  • The brushes can be cleaned with water.
  • The paint can be rinsed with JAVANA lightening or with small amounts of water.
  • May be used for the different techniques on silk such as gut, salt, watercolor.
  • After fixing, the textile can be washed and dry cleaned.
Weight N/A
Color by Kreul

Beige, Black, Bleumarine, Blue, Bordeaux, Brown, Cherry, Corn green, Dark green, Gold yellow, Green, King's blue, Lapis blue, Lilac, Magenta, Night blue, Orange, Pink, Red, Rose, Rose red, Silver, Sky blue, Sun yellow, Turquoise, Violet, White, Wine red, Yellow


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