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Of course, bleach with the sun!

The KREUL Javana Bleaching Textile Set addresses to creative people who love contrasting color techniques on fabric. Creatives design their textiles with the natural bleaching effect: fair-weather bleachers use the bright sunshine. I-stay-inside-bleachers pull the color out of the fabric with the hairdryer. What happens with the natural bleaching effect? For instance, the uncovered silk paint will dry faster than the paint under the stencil. Due to the physical capillary effect, the silk paint now flows out of the fabric under the stencil into the uncovered color. The effect: after you remove the stencil, the motif is lighter. Furthermore, after drying, sharp-edged motifs are created – the natural bleaching effect that inspires everyone.

KREUL Javana Bleaching Textile Set product highlights:

  • Ideal for beginners, as the set contains everything you need for natural bleaching of textiles
  • The highly pigmented, brilliant silk paints with a flowing, liquid character are ideal for a natural bleaching effect on textiles
  • The design templates create sharp-edged motifs
  • The technique: the motif becomes visible where the stencil covers the color
  • This is how it works: Textiles must be washed before design. Apply KREUL Javana silk paint with a brush. Carefully remove the borderless design template from the film and press it on evenly in the wet paint. Place the textile in the sun (10–20 min.) Or blow-dry it with cold water (10 min.). Peel off the template and the template motif is visible on the fabric.
  • Fixation of the silk paint after drying by ironing (3 min. Cotton setting)
  • After fixing, the silk paint is lightfast and also washable (up to 40 ° C on the left)

KREUL Javana Bleaching Textile Set contains  2 x 50 ml silk paints in may green, lapis blue, also 2 self-adhesive, borderless templates, motifs: leaf & blossom, 1 synthetic brush, 1 ideas brochure

Substrates: for designing silk and also light-colored textiles made of cotton, viscose, linen and mixed fabrics up to a maximum of 20% synthetic fiber

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