Fancy some glitter, glitter, glitter?

With the KREUL Glass & Porcelain Pens Glitter, creatives bring colourful dots and cordial messages with glitter effect onto cups, glasses, plates, vases, cereal bowls & Co. The glass & porcelain paints in pen contained in the set are water-based and are ideal for decorative designs on glass, porcelain, ceramics, metal, acryl and mirrors. The painted object made of heat-resistant material is placed in the cold oven for fixing. When the temperature of 160 °C has been reached, bake the painting for 30 minutes. A colourful unique specimen is ready!

Product highlights:

  • Semi-opaque glass and porcelain paint with glitter effect
  • Lightfast
  • Water-based
  • For painting on heat-resistant materials such as porcelain, glass, ceramic and metal
  • Color shades with stable bullet tip, stroke width approx. 1–3 mm
  • After curing the painting is dishwasher safe

Here’s how:

  • Only paint surfaces that do not come into contact with food. Shake well before use and before removing cap approx. 1-2 minutes. Press repeated times on paper till color is visible. First test the pen on paper before painting the object
  • Paint can be removed with water while it has not yet been baked.
  • After a drying time of 4 hours, cure at 160 °C in the non-preheated kitchen oven for 30 minutes.
  • Allow objects to cool and harden in the oven.
Weight N/A

Anthracite, Blue, Brown, Carmine red, Green, Light green, Orange, Red, Rose, Sun yellow, Turquoise, Violet


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