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More feeling and discovering!

A lot of paint is used in nursery schools or while drawing and handcrafting in a group. To make sure that everything can be cleaned up compactly and orderly, the KREUL Big Box brings lots of color into play.


  • Extra large paint set with lots of MUCKI Finger paint
  • The color scheme is aimed at small groups of children and thus facilitates the tasks in everyday life in the institution
  • Practical box saves tedious time of tidying up and sorting back


  • 5 Finger paints 750 ml each (White, Yellow, Red, Blue, Green),
  • 1 Finger paint 150 ml in Black,
  • 2 Gleaming Finger paints 150 ml each (Diamond Blue, Emerald Green),
  • 4 Gleaming Finger paints 150 ml 2 jars each (Fairy dust Rose, Magic Lilac, Dragon Silver, Gold treasure),
  • 2 Finger paints neon 150 ml 2 jars each (Squeaky Yellow, Squeaky Pink)


  • Suitable for paper, cardboard, canvas, glass, wood, tile, mirror, stone
Weight 2,35 kg


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