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The Gillott 1950 is a uniquely shaped, fairly stiff nib. This pen has a small, sharp point plus an expanded end that allows it to fit into standard holders. Like all sharp nibs, the 1950 does not operate well on textured papers.

The Joseph Gillott Drawing Nibs 1950 produces good hairlines and can be used for Spencerian and Copperplate, but performs best as a drawing nib. This nib is ideal for intermediate or advanced level calligraphers and is not recommended for beginners.

The Joseph Gillott Drawing Nibs 1950 are pointed, medium flexible nibs. Suitable for drawing. The Joseph Gillott Drawing Nibs 1950 fit, among others for standard holders (with four serrations), slanted Speedball holders, Tachikawa T-25 drawing holders.

Length: 2.9 cm. Width: top (3 mm) bottom (5 mm).

Weight 0,06 kg


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