The name Herbin is one of the oldest and well known when it comes to production of ink. J. Herbin was a sailor whom, during his travels, found ingredients that could be used for manufacturing inks and sealing wax. The first ink under the name Herbin was manufactured some time around the year of 1700.

Thanks to a long tradition of manufacturing inks the brand has produced a lot of really good products. Today, the production of ink is still left in France. From Herbin, you will not only find inks of various kinds, such as Indian ink, calligraphy ink and fountain pen ink, but also several other products within the area. Calligraphy pens, fountain pens, brushes are only some of them. If you are looking for the best inks and writing instruments for your inks you have found it.

These opaque dip pen inks from J. Herbin come in rich colors with high pigment content. The white ink is versatile neutral with a charming antique feel. The gold, silver, and copper inks look dramatic on dark paper, and add shine to white paper as well. These metallic colors contain actual metallic pigments, so the bottles require vigorous shaking before and during use. All inks are best suited for wide dip nibs and brushes.

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Copper, Gold, Silver, White


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