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The Creartec Formulate Latex Emulsion, Prevulcanized on India rubber, Formalate is a liquid 1-component form molding paste, which was especially developed to form figures and objects in tubular forms.

The concentrated, undiluted latex molding compound with excellent, safe application properties makes easy to produce hard-wearing and elastic molds.  These are characterized by high molding accuracy, unique elasticity and a long service life. Formalate molds can be used with almost all casting compounds, e.g. B. polyester casting wood, polyester resin, plaster of paris, ceramic casting compounds as well as casting and relief wax. Contains no harmful or aggressive ingredients. Curing time per dip layer: 30 to 60 minutes.When dry, it has temperature resistance to 90 degrees.

Properties of the vulcanizate: Rubber content: 58% min. Ammonia content: min. 0.3% Elongation at break according to DIN 53504: 800-950% Tensile strength according to ASTM D624B: 25-29 mPa.s Viscosity: 120 max Shrinkage: 7.8% pH Value: 9.5-10.5

The latex emulsion is easy to use and should not be stored at freezing temperatures.

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