Tools ideally suited for various painting techniques and also screen printing with water-based printing inks.
Hard rubber paint roller with an ergonomic handle for easy handling.
Empty bottle with spray for interesting mixed media techniques. Furthermore, fill with water or water based products.
Paint sponges with small and also large pores. Ideal for large-area applications and for blending and as well as  stippling techniques.
The modelling brush set is suitable for mixing, spreading and modelling paste-like paints, textured pastes and gels.
Five different plastic artists knives for working with paste-like paints, textured pastes and gels.
Paint knives in different shapes for unique effects in paints, textured pastes and gels.
The wooden screen printing frame is ideally suited for textile printing with water-based printing inks.
The flexible soft printing block Factis rubber carving block is ideal for relief printing projects.
Water-fillable brush set with fine and elastic brush hairs. Ideal for painting, writing and blending on paper and fabric.

Product highlights:

  • Flexible, soft rubber printing block,
  • Ideal for beautiful relief printing projects;
  • Easy to use with the carving tool for precise outlines, “easy to cut”;
  • Easy to clean with water, re-usable;
  • Ideal in combination fabric printing ink Textil Print.
Weight N/A

15.5 x 9 x 0.7 cm, 9 x 7.8 x 0.7 cm


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