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This sturdy rubber roller is perfect for printmaking and a default choice for education and purchasing authorities worldwide. The rigid body and steel brackets give strength to the durable 70 shore EPDM rubber roller. So this enables heavy use, out-performing natural rubber. Suitable for use with both water based and oil based ink, and also resistant to solvents. The handle contains polypropylene with a hanging slot. The roller has self-lubricating nylon bearings, EPDM rubber surface, aluminium core and a continuous steel shaft. The design allows wet rollers turn-over with the handle doubling as a stand for cleaner working. These versatile rollers allow their use for a variety of purposes other than block printing. This includes scrapbooking, laminating and even industrial processes like the application of window films and vehicle graphics.

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Essdee Ink Roller 75 mm.
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