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Essdee Print Linoleum block is a special soft for easy carving making it ideal for all users from students to masters. It is manufactured from natural materials such as linseed oil and wood flour and also is even biodegradable.

You can draw the light grey surface of the print linoleum block directly upon with a pencil. Also, you can transfer the design with a tracing paper. This superior Lino prints onto a wide range of paper, board and fabric. You can use with both oil and water based inks. Linoleum should be stored in a sealed container or bag and keep away from heat or direct sunlight to prevent the surface from hardening.

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Essdee Art Print Linoleum Block 152 x 101 x 3.2 mm
Essdee Art Print Linoleum Block 152 x 101 x 3.2 mm
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