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Talens Ecoline Liquid Watercolour bottle 990 ml is based on dyes and Gum arabic. The colours of Talens Ecoline are astonishingly bright and brilliant. Store the original works of art in a portfolio for optimal colour retention.

The 30 ml Ecoline bottle is stable and so stands firmly on your work table. The spacious opening allows you to work straight from the bottle using a brush or dip pen. Ecoline is also available in 40 ml, 490 ml and a brush pen.

Weight 1,65 kg
Artist color by Royal Talens

Black 700, Blue violet 548, Burnt sienna 411, Carmine 318, Cold grey 717, Deep green 602, Deep yellow 202, Green 600, Lemon yellow (primary) 205, Light green 601, Light orange 236, Light Yellow 201, Magenta 337, Prussian blue 508, Red violet 545, Scarlet 334, Sepia 416, Sky blue (cyan) 578, Turquoise blue 522, Ultramarine deep 506, Vermilion 311, White 100, Yellow ochre 227


990 ml


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