Decola Textile Paint is based on aqueous acrylic dispersion and used for painting cotton and silk fabrics.

When painting synthetic fabrics, we recommend to verify the strength of the pattern on the fabric sample in accordance with the instructions for use. Stir thoroughly before use. Brush the paint with a thin and even layer.

To dilute paints in order to reduce the colour intensity and improve the spreading of paints, use the special Decola thinner.

After applying the drawing, let Decola Textile Paint dry for 24 hours and after that to fix it by ironing without steam. Further, you can wash the product at a temperature of 30C-40C without strong mechanical stress.

Store paint in a tightly closed container. Wash brushes and tools immediately after use with water.

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Black, Brown, Carmine, Celestial blue, Copper, Coral, Deep blue, Deep green, Deep rose, Deep violet, Deep yellow, Emerald green, Flesh, Fuchsia, Gold, Lemon, Light blue, Light green, Light ochre, Light rose, Light violet, Lime, Medium green, Medium yellow, Mint, Olive green, Orange, Red, Turquoise blue, Ultramarine, White


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