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A set of coloured acrylic outlines is intended for drawing and painting fabrics made of cotton, silk and some synthetic materials. The colour contours of 4 pure saturated colours (yellow, green, red, violet) accentuate the vibrancy of the colours and bring clarity to the details of the design. After fixing with the iron, the contours become indelible, retain their strength and colour brightness even after washing.

New fabric must be pre-washed and dried for better ink adhesion. Before painting on synthetic fabrics, make sure the fabric adhesion is strong on a small test piece. Spread the fabric on a flat, hard surface and apply a contour pattern, adjusting the thickness of the line by pressing the tube, dry for 3 hours. Now you can decorate the fabric with acrylics. Fix the image as indicated in the instructions for acrylic paints. The contours can also be applied to the finished drawing, after which the product must be dried for 3 days and fixed by ironing it from the wrong side with an iron without steam.48 hours after curing, the product can be washed at 30-40 ° C with a mild detergent. Avoid strong mechanical stress when washing. Store acrylic circuits tightly closed at temperatures from +5 to + 35 ° C.

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