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Daler Rowney Dalon Brushes are made out of Dalon which was the first real rival to the sable brush. It is a remarkable man-made brush imitation of natural sable hair and can have a long life in use with oils and acrylics, as well as being an ideal watercolour brush.

  • Synthetic hair. Sable hair imitation.
  • Long-life in use with oil, acrylic and watercolour.
  • High resilience and durability.
  • Excellent shape retention.

Daler Rowney Dalon brushes can be used for both watercolour and acrylic and are a remarkable man-made brush imitation of natural sable hair. Each Dalon filament is extruded and tapered to a point, just like natural hair, and the brush head is meticulously hand-crafted with exactly the same care and attention as the brush it is designed to rival. Dalon’s high resilience and durability ensures excellent shape retention and long life in use for oils, watercolours and acrylics alike.

Set includes sizes 2, 5 Round Brush, size 1 Rigger and a size 1/4″ One Stroke

Weight 0,15 kg


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