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  • finest golden synthetic fibre
  • so-called silver ferrule
  • short black polished esagonal handles with red belly bandage
  • extra fine, durable synthetic fibres
  • particularly precise stroke guidance
  • for all kinds of miniature, tabletop and micro work
  • sizes 20/0, 15/0, 10/0, 5/0
Colour type: acrylic, water color, gouache
Form: round
Painting surface: glass, ceramic
Application: porcelaine, Bodypainting, Facepainting, Miniature painting, modelling, Paint dolls, table-Top, Paint tin figures

For years we have tried to offer many of our specialized customers smaller brush sizes with an especially designed short handle for good grip and fine detail work, which will not roll away. We are very pleased that we have now succeeded with this new brush line for all types of miniature, table-top and micro painting. This line is offered with Kolinsky red sable hair or NOVA synthetic fibres and has differently coloured “belly bandages” at the edge of the ferrule for differentiation.

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Brush shape

Craft & Speciality brushes

Brush type

Oil brushes


5/0, 10/0, 15/0, 20/0


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