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da Vinci MAESTRO Filbert Brush Series 7406 has 60 cm long handles and a bristle body that sits deep in the ferrule so that they can be used very hard without losing the shape of the tip. The extra-long bristles of the da Vinci MAESTRO Filbert Brush Series 7406 are made of fine natural hair. The natural hair gives them strength, robustness and elasticity as well as good color absorption. The filbert shape combines the advantages of a flat and a round brush and is ideal for areas, details, contours or for displacing and washing out colours.

The da Vinci MAESTRO Filbert Brush Series 7406 are ideal for impasto acrylic and oil painting and for damp, pre-plastered painting surfaces as well as for painting on dry stucco.

Product highlights:

  • medium length bristles
  • so-called silver ferrule
  • sixty-centimetre handles
  • With 60 cm long handles
  • TOP quality bristle brush for covering oil and acrylic colours, for the thicker paint application
  • For the most intensive use, high elasticity, springiness and long lasting

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Brush shape

Oval brushes

Brush type

Oil brushes


12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24


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