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da Vinci COSMOTOP-MIX B Flat Series 5830 is made from a composition of classic natural hair such as marten, squirrel and polecat hair in connection with synthetic fibres. It has a high paint absorption capacity and is therefore ideal for watercolors and painting on silk. The short wooden handles of the watercolor brush are glazed blue and have a hexagonal esagonal shape so that they cannot roll away.

Suitable for watercolor, tempera and silk painting.

Product highlights:

  • a composition of the classical natural hairs combined with synthetic fibre
  • so-called silver ferrule
  • short blue transparent lacquered esagonal handles
  • for watercolour painting and aqueous colour
  • natural hair and synthetic fibre mixture for best colour absorption, stable brush shape
  • inexpensive alternative to Red Sable brushes

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Flat brushes


8, 10, 12, 16, 20, 24


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