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Cobra Painting Paste is a colourless medium that can be mixed with Cobra oil paint in any ratio. The paste is as thick as the paint and can therefore be described as a water-mixable oil paint without any pigment. This paste is composed of vegetable oils and thickening agents and has various uses:

Increasing the amount of paint:
Painting paste can be used for impasto techniques (applying pure paint in thick strokes with a painting knife) using more expensive colours, so you can increase the amount of paint without there being difference in colour. The more paste you add, the more transparent the paint becomes. The painting paste also allows thick paint to dry completely to the core, preventing wrinkling or rippling during and after drying.

Decreasing the colour intensity:
The colour intensity of the paint will decrease as more painting paste is added. This may be particularly important with the alla prima (wet-on-wet) technique when mixing colours with a highly divergent colour intensity with one another in your painting. By adding more painting paste to a stronger colour, this becomes less prominent

Shortens the drying time.
Increases the gloss and transparency of the paint.
Makes the paint fatter, just like Cobra Painting Medium.
Can be thinned with water.
Makes the brush stroke run slightly.
Increases the durability of the paint film.
Yellows slightly.

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60 ml, 200 ml




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Cobra Painting Paste 087 Tube
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