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Cobra Odorless Varnish Gloss offers permanent protection against aging, dust, dirt and other external influences, gives the painting an even sheen and does not turn yellow or crack over time. The Cobra Odorless Varnish spray can is easy to use and adheres well to the underlying paint layer. If necessary, the varnish can easily be removed, even after many years. This glossy varnish is composed of synthetic resin and odourless white spirit.

How to use:

  • A final varnish can be applied when the paint layer is completely dry, so after 9 to 12 months.
  • When applying a varnish, both the varnish and painting have to be at room temperature.
  • Apply the varnish in thin layers, holding the spray can approximately 40 cm from your work.
  • Make sure to only use the varnish in a well-ventilated room.
  • The varnish dries within a few hours.
  • Dry layers of varnish can be removed using white spirit.


  • Gives the painting a high gloss finish
  • Protects against aging, dust, dirt and other external influences
  • Does not yellow or crack over time
  • Dries within a few hours
  • Dry varnish layers can easily be removed, even after many years
  • Extremely flammable.

400 ml


Glossy, Matt, Satin


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