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Amsterdam Standard series offers good quality acrylic paint and a wide range of affordable colours. This set contains a full range of 90 x 20ml Amsterdam Standard Acrylic Paint tubes.

Royal Talens Amsterdam Standard Acrylics have a high degree of lightfastness and thanks to the use of pure and non-fading pigments, artworks retain their original colour even after several decades. The binding agent consists of 100% acrylic resin for a long-lasting result.

These paints are alkali resistant and therefore suitable for wall and mural paintings. The paint can be thinned easily with water and, if applied in a thin film, paint can dry within half an hour.

Your choice for color. The Amsterdam Standard Series gives you the broadest range of brilliant, pure colors. Besides, all contain a 100% acrylic emulsion and high grade pigments. Also, enjoy great lightfastness and a choice of opacities.

This set contains the entire color range of the Standard Series .

The 90 x 20 ml tubes of Amsterdam Standard Series Acrylics contain high-quality pigments and 100% acrylic emulsion – this medium viscosity paint provides nice brush strokes and texture, but can also cover large areas with a smooth color.

  • Even distribution across the several colour ranges;
  • Very strong an brilliant colours;
  • Highest degree of lightfastness;
  • Great durability;
  • Heavy-body paint for clear brush strokes.
Weight 2,86 kg


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