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Amsterdam Photo Transfer Gel is a medium that lets you transfer your photocopies and laser images to any new surface including pillows, canvases, ceramic tiles, mirrors, old wood, chalk and milk painted surfaces, any type of fabric, etc. Is your paint drying too quickly to suit your application? Also, is it too thick, or else too fluid for you to work with? Then mix it with an Amsterdam medium and you’ll be good to go.

Photo Transfer Gel has been specially developed to allow the inclusion of laser printed photographs in your work.

To use it, you first need to invert (reverse) your image either on your phone or in an image editing software program like Photoshop Elements. Pre-treat the paper on the print side with Amsterdam Photo Transfer Gel, then press the print side onto the surface and rub off the air under the paper while remembering to squeeze away any air from under the print. Leave it to dry for at least 24 hours (important) and when dry, remove the paper by carefully rubbing it using a brush and water or a moist cloth. Treat with an acrylic medium or varnish for the best end result.

Afterwards, you can paint over the transferred image with acrylic paint or varnish to waterproof when dry. Full instructions are included.

Please note Photo Transfer Gel is not suitable for children under 3 years and adult supervision is required and you need to store it in a frost-free environment and apply at temperatures above 10 degrees

Only suitable for laser printers and photocopies;
Process above 10 degrees Celsius;
Store frost-free;

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