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About Us - Our Mission

About us - what we believe in

Our Mission

To find more about us, let’s start with our mission.

Visual art is not only an expression of the reality through images, but an escape from reality to an imaginary artist’s soul, a dialogue in the future revealing sequences of the past.

Without art, shape and colour, the world would be poorer and lifeless.

We want to allow creative expression for everyone. We do this by providing quick access to high quality art supplies from the most renowned European manufacturers at affordable prices.

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More about us

The Principles of Art & Design

The principles of art represent how the artist uses the elements of art to create an effect and to help convey the artist’s intent. The artistic value of an art composition is based on the principles of art and design: balance, contrast, emphasis, movement, pattern, rhythm, and unity.

Visual art foundation language contain elements and principles that we usewhen we talk about art. The artist uses elements of art like line, shape, colour, value, form, texture and space to create a composition.

The decision of what principles of art to use stays with the artist. Artists might not use all the principles in the same piece due to their interconnection, so that the use of one will often depend on another. For example, when creating emphasis, the artist might also be using contrast or vice versa.

To be successful, and visual art piece needs unity and balance, while also having some variety created by areas of contrast and emphasis.

Our Philosophy

We believe the beauty brings out the best in everyone. It has the power to stimulate mind, body and soul and should therefore be enabled all over the world.

Dostoevsky said “beauty will save the world”. Beauty is a fundamental category of aesthetics that reflects man’s ability to feel emotion in front of works of art, phenomena and objects of nature. Beauty is one of the fundamental features of all existence, a value that stands with dignity and full justification along with truth and good, together forming human aspirations for a perfect life, for peace and quiet. The beauty of the world comes from the order and harmony of the universe, man being part of them. It exerts a real fascination on man, even if it sometimes seems cold and repulsive. Beauty can appear, as a simple sparkle, like a firework, but it can accumulate a lot of energy that makes you vibrate. Our whole life is an alternation between beautiful and ugly, between light and shadow, between dream and reality.

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Our belief

Mankind can give up many, but not beauty. It is indispensable because without beauty there would be nothing left to do in this world. The perfection of forms ennobles truth and good.

Outer beauty is fragile: ” forma bonum fragile est ” – “beauty is a fragile gift” (Ovid). The inner one is eternal. We can even speak of an aesthetic of human nature, which surpasses both in duration and in intensity the aesthetics of the figure or that of clothing. Appearances are often misleading. It is necessary for the eyes of the mind to see beyond appearances, where the essence, vitality and permanence are found, and where only the tried glances can see all the facets of reality.

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Art is the concentration of life, transcendence and transfiguration, but it cannot be revolted against fundamental harmonies; on the contrary, it brings them closer to us, intensifies them, reveals them to us.

– Honoré de Balzac –