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10 Benefits Of Art Therapy In Stress Relief

relieve stress

Modern life is stressfull and we all need to relieve stress in one way or another. If not, we feel experience the adverse effects of stress in our body, pulse and blood pressure increases, we feel the increased tension in our muscles and even may get sick. The causes of stress in modern life emerge from the many obligations we have to handle every day combined with the modern way of negative thinking. In today’s world, people experience chronic stress as they get into stressful situations. Especially when absorbed in work, child care, social activities or sports.

Relieve Stress - Little Painter Happy

Does art relieve stress? Yes, art and drawing are known to be great stress relief methods. In fact, there is an entire field called Art Therapy for stress relief for this very reason. Just observe children while creating drawings, paintings, and doing other crafts and you will see how it relieves stress, it relaxes them and makes them happy. Adults don’t often think to practice art activities to relieve stress as they think they are not talented, but it can do wonders for most people. Studies show that art therapy like colouring mandalas, painting, crafting and drawing in general can minimize anxiety, combat negative mood and relieve stress. Several studies demonstrated that drawing or colouring for about 20 minutes relieves stress and improves mood, so it’s really not necessary to be a gifted or serious artist to relieve stress through art creation. No artistic ability is required, in fact!

I met many people working in various fields who felt the need to get out of the monotony of a rigorous program and introduce creativity into their lives for stress relief. Whether they were creating hand-made jewellery, painting, colouring, crocheting or sewing various fabrics, these people managed to make time for their secret passion, for art activities.

It’s never too late to start painting! In art there is only one rule: “No rule!”. You can relieve stress by painting exactly what you want, what you dream of, in what technique you want and you can use any colours you like. We can dream with our eyes open and paint our dreams. We can use the therapeutic power of colours and heal our wounded soul. We can use creative energies to charge ourselves with positive vibrations and relieve stress.

Relieve Stress By Painting

Regardless of whether you have a technical job in your everyday life or a job completely different from the artistic one, I want to share with you 10 major stress relief results that I have discovered since I started painting:

  1. Better communication – Art makes us more human; it helps us communicate using a different and personal language. This is a wonderful thing for all people and especially for those who have trouble expressing themselves.
  2. Self-healing – Painting is an individual activity. Whether it takes place in a course or a workshop or done individually, the person enters his own world, a world full of possibilities. Creative stimuli help the painter to detach from reality, leading to a mental break from everyday stress, resulting in relaxation and well-being.
  3. Increasing self-esteem – Working in a non-competitive and relaxing environment will help you arrive to better personal achievements, improve your individuality and self-esteem.
  4. Better concentration – people who devote several hours to painting weekly by isolating in their own friendly environment and entering in a strong state of concentration, detach themselves from the exterior and time passes without realizing it. The mental pain disappears and the artist feels like entering another dimension without leaving your body.
  5. Improved emotional intelligence – Emotions are part of the creative world we have inside of us. Letting emotions surface through painting creates a connection between mind and soul, which helps us feel happiness, love, empathy and peace. Given the chaotic world we live in, the relaxation we get through painting helps us emotionally, organically, energetically and spiritually in the long run.
  6. Inner peace – Painting helps us disconnect from problems, helps us to get out of the anguish and turn it into something beautiful. This helps us identify our feelings and improves our ability to express ourselves.
  7. Improved brain functions – Painting and drawing stimulate both the left and right hemispheres of the brain. The first is related to the rational side, logical elements and the second maximizes creativity and emotions.
  8. Art appreciation – Practicing and talking about art helps us to understand it more easily. Artists are motivated by the work of others, find themselves in it, which also helps them to be receptive to a type of communication
  9. Knowledge development – the knowledge a person gains by learning to paint helps him understand human history through art.
  10. Fun – Learning to paint gives you all kinds of good quality fun: laugh, socialize, learn something new, feel motivated to finish what you started, appreciate nature and feel passion.

By adding art in your life, you give yourself a chance to relax and focus its creative powers on art projects for stress relief. This will help to clear your mind so that you can attack the problems in life with a fresh wave of energy. Art is one of the best gifts that you can give yourself and one of the best stress relieving activities.


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